So, You’ve Created a Website… Now, What?

shutterstock_526104310These days, most entrepreneurs and business owners understand the value of websites and blog. And, as 2018 becomes a reality, we all need to rethink our business goals. In most cases, the end goal for a website owner is to build traffic and a loyal following. But, how do you accomplish this? 

3 Tips for Driving Traffic After You’ve Created a Website 

Many new website owners tend to think the by simply clicking “launch,” they are doing what it takes to get traffic to their sites. But, this is simply not true. It takes time, energy and some online work to let people and search engines know your site exists.  

There are things you must do to actually drive traffic. Here are three steps you can take on a regular basis to announce your site’s existence to the world and bring traffic to it: 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

It takes skills to create the ultimate SEO strategy. But, you can do-it-yourself by simply ensuring that your webpages contain various keywords you know your target audience is using in searches online.  

However, don’t spend so much time on SEO that you diminish the quality of your content. Instead, just publish relevant content more often. This alone will improve your chances of using relevant keywords your target customers are using in online searches. 

2. Blogging 

When you blog regularly, you give Google and other search engines more and more webpages to crawl on your site. This also gives you more opportunities to optimize specific SEO keywords for which you want to rank. 

The more you blog, the greater your chances of building a loyal audience. These are the people who will return regularly, and visit multiple pages on your site. 

3. Guest Blog Posts 

Guest blogging comes with many benefits. It allows you to build your brand online, while creating backlinks to your site through bios and links within your posts. Your goal should be to guest post on sites that are relevant to your niche for high-quality backlinks. 

You’ll expose your brand to an audience whose interests you already know and understand. If they like you, they’ll click through and check out your site as well.  

Building Your San Antonio Business’ Online Brand 

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