Here are certain points that you could keep in mind before you become a web developer,

Choose your specialisation

Each and every element of a website is connected to something or the other. When it comes to building a website, it definitely isn’t easy. Based on their specialisation, web developers will use various software programs like version control, Javascript frameworks and CSS. This does not mean that they will have only the specialized knowledge with respect to their roles, but will also have an overall understanding of the entire process. Before you proceed, make sure you know what your interests are and try to understand the type of web development you would like to choose. There are so many options to choose from, for example front end development, user interface design and mobile application development.   

Degree is a must

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Some say it’s not required, but why take a chance? Yes it’s possible to become a web developer even if you have don’t have a formal education. It is easy to learn all the coding languages independently but remember there is much more to web development than coding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the minimum educational requirement in order to get employment is an associate degree. If you’re looking for a career growth, then you must have a basic bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related stream.    

Concentrate on Technical skills

You must focus on your technical skills. Web development is a field where concrete skills can crash any type of education when it comes to employment opportunities. Majority of the companies want their employees to produce, the wheres and how the skill was learnt comes secondary. Potential web developers must excel in three major programming components- javascript, html and css. It is essential to learn about css frameworks and css such as foundation, backbone and bootstrap. Lastly, if you want to build applications, you should be experienced in back end languages like PHP, java and ruby and tools like sql server and oracle.     

Brush your coding skills

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The only way to learn anything is by practicing. Therefore, brush on your coding skills every now and then. You must be in a position to manage some complicated sites and different application builds.

Apart from this make sure your portfolios stand out. The first thing an employer would want to see in your portfolio are examples of application builds and successful sites.